Contemporary Art in Cambodia:
A Historical Inquiry

Press Release

Speaker Abstracts

Symposium Schedule

Signature Symposium of IN RESIDENCE

Co-organized by Cornell University and the Museum of Modern Art

Venue: Museum of Modern Art
April 21, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

In conjunction with IN RESIDENCE, the visual art program of Season of Cambodia, Contemporary Art in Cambodia: A Historical Inquiry was a one-day academic symposium with renowned scholars, curators, and artists. Some have argued that Cambodia has emerged from a post-conflict society into an era of social, economic, and political transformation.

This symposium focused on a dimension of its cultural transformation as it has been manifested in a burgeoning contemporary arts scene within the last decade. Through inquiries into broader artistic, cultural, and aesthetic practices, various scholars and arts practitioners spoke to historical trajectories of contemporary art practice in Cambodia and its positioning in narratives of art history. By building a critical dialogue that interrogated the way the field is being shaped, the symposium strengthened the foundation for more thorough investigations into Cambodia's recent art historical developments.

Speakers & Discussants:

Leeza Ahmady, Independent Curator, Ahmady Arts and Director, Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), Asia Society
Pamela N. Corey, Doctoral Candidate, History of Art & Visual Studies, Cornell University
Iftikhar Dadi, Department Chair, Department of Art, Cornell University
Jane DeBevoise, Chair, Asia Art Archive in America; Erin Gleeson, Curator, Artistic Director, SA SA BASSAC
Roger Nelson, PhD candidate, The University of Melbourne, independent curator; Kaja McGowan, Associate Professor, History of Art & Visual Studies, Cornell University
Lorraine Peterson, Assistant Professor, Asian Studies, Cornell University
Nora Taylor, Professor, Art History, Theory & Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ashley Thompson, Associate Professor, Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds
Vuth Lyno, Fulbright Scholar, MA Art History, 2013-2015, artist, curator, Director of Sa Sa Art Projects
Zhuang Wubin, Curator & Researcher
June Yap, Guggenheim UBS Map Curator, South & Southeast Asia, alongside participation by select IN RESIDENCE artists.

Major funding for the symposium is provided by the Center for Khmer Studies; the Lee Foundation, Singapore; Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning; the Minority, Indigenous, and Third World Studies Research Group; the Department of Art; the Department of the History of Art; and the Southeast Asia Program.