10th International Istanbul Biennial

(September 2007)

Panel: International Discourse vs. Local Vibrancy: Challenges and Opportunities in the Practice of Art in Central Asia

Ahmady organized and moderated this discussion on the ever expanding contemporary art world: In the past few decades, many localities have launched artists who are formulating new aesthetics and who are bringing issues forward that in the past were simply repressed. Much like many other regions of the world, the art communities in Central Asian countries are very small. What happens to the local art scene when its best artists also act as curators, critics, and administrators become engaged and occupied in projects abroad? Can it maintain local activity and local vibrancy? If so, how? The symposium gathered a number of artists, critics, and educators from the region and attempts to explore the above-mentioned issues, and other specific challenges and opportunities in the practice of art inside the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

Speakers: Gulnara Kasmalieva (Artist, Kyrgyzstan), Shaarbek Amankul (Artist, Kyrgyzstan), Yulia Sorokina (Independent curator and critic, Kazakhstan), Saken Narynov (Architect, Kazakhstan), Surayo Tuichiera (Artist, Activist), Jamshed Kholikov (Designer, Activist, Tajikistan),

Participants: Artur Boljurov (Artist, Kyrgyzstan), Ilyos Mamadzhanov (Artist, Tajikistan)