Brooklyn, New York



As a founding board member, Ahmady introduced many emerging artists to the organization and contributed to the implementation of NURTUREart's programming 1997-2004.

NURTUREart Non-Profit Inc was an organization dedicated to nurturing contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. NURTUREart's gallery generates a collaborative environment to synergize curatorial experimentation and exposure of new artists.

Featured Artists: Brandon Ballengee, Neke Carson, Kristy Knight, Gabriel Koren, Katalin Kotvics, Rebecca Landmer-Glaubit, Robert Martinez, Karen McGarry, Catya Plate, Jack Pospisil, J.P. Turnage, Lawrence Weiss

Invitation Card

<em>NURTUREart at the Consulate</em>, 1999
<br>Reception at the Consulate of the Republic of Hungary
<br>Invitation card, front
<br>Presented by NURTUREart