Robert Pardo Gallery


Ahmady co-directed the gallery dedicated to the exhibition and sales of modern and contemporary sculpture. Works exhibited and placed in private and public collections included sculptures by artists: Alstair Noble, Pavel Kraus, Casper Henselmann, Suzi Sureck, Richard Bottwin, Roslyn Mazzilli, Zoran Mojsilov, Ann Gillen, Gabriel Roos, and Kevin Barret.

They are square but not too formal
Robert Pardo Gallery (July 12 - September 2, 2000)
Exhibition curated by Leeza Ahmady

Featuring: Casper Censelmann, Channa Horowitz, Slawomir Marzec, Raquel Rabinivich, Gabriele Roos, Richard Botwin, Xuhong Shang, Ilene Sunshine, Carol K. Davidson, Sarah Barney, Jordan Arpelle, Kevin Barrett, Krysztof Zarebski, Ayano Ohmi, Del Geist, Tomassello, Holton Rower, Ulrich Niemeyer, Andra Samelson, Ivan Navarro, Suzana Rudavska, Higuchi Takehiko, Marion E. Held, Jouchim Griess

Images of Works