Parallel Gallery


Parallel Gallery was Ahmady's concept for a nomadic art initiative that moved from venue to venue in the SoHo and NoHo neighborhoods of NYC. Ahmady curated several exhibitions, which focused mainly on presenting new media works and sound art.

As part of Parallel Gallery concept, Ahmady curated Banzai Art: Young Art Japan - an exhibition which highlighted the competitive spirit / relationship between Japan and the United States. The title "Banzai Art" is a reference to the Japanese World War II slogan "Banzai Nippon," which translates as "Go for Japan." This exhibition brought 15 contemporary Japanese artists to New York City to experience their first American showcase.

Exhibition & Events:
Bullseyeart at The Puck Building; Facelift 1 & 2 and All About Sex at Nomad Gallery, Soho; Banzai Art: Young Art Japan at Golding Gallery, Soho

Artists: Jose Luis Cortes, Caroline Keil, Jota-e Wainer, Dimitri Gaev Orloff, Kelvin Davies, Shultz, Celestograph, Alkaline, Sewer 999, Andrey Asher, Mad Max, Martin Bauer, Master Mulazim Hussain

Images of Works