Arahmaiani: Fertility of the Mind

January 9 - February 22, 2014
Presented by Tyler Rollins Fine Art in New York

Arahmaiani is one of Indonesia's most respected and iconic contemporary artists. Her work is internationally recognized for its powerful and provocative commentaries on social and cultural issues. In the 1980s and '90s, she established herself as a pioneer in the field of performance art in Southeast Asia, although her practice also incorporates a wide variety of media, including video, installation, painting, drawing, and sculpture. Since her first exhibition in 1980, her work has been included in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions around the world.

Arahmaiani: Fertility of the Mind featured the first survey of the artist's 30 years of performance work, curated with Leeza Ahmady. Also included were key installations from the 1990s, selected paintings, and her seminal 2004 video, I Don't Want to Be Part of Your Legend.

The exhibition mapped the evolving meditations of an artist whose prolific life of activism and artistic practice has been steadfast in its relentless probing of social and political issues. Her works in essence foreground a long and enduring personal and spiritual journey, a process whereby nothing is spared, all is equally scrutinized. They constitute an ongoing exposť of mechanistic thought, beliefs, and policies that plague humanity- manifested in her quiet and beautiful symbolic protests, marches, ceremonies, and texts that instigate individual and collective vigilance against agencies of power worldwide. Through her work, the artist becomes a formal and conceptual medium for communication, connectivity, and cooperation between individuals, communities, and nations.

Images of Works