Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan (August 2004 - present)

Ahmady is a founding advisory board member for the Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan (CCAA) and has served the board since its inception in August 2004. In an effort to promote the CCAA and its artists, Ahmady has included the work of Director Rahraw Omarzad, as well as other CCAA members in her exhibitions and lectures. In addition, Ahmady continually strives to support and promote the center's artists through fundraising efforts, assisting in securing artist residencies abroad and placing CCAA works in private and public collections. In 2008 Ahmady successfully placed two of Rahraw Omarzad/CCAA's videos: Opening, and Closed Door, (2004-2005) in the collection of the Devi Art Foundation, India.

About CCAA:

Rahraw Omarzad established the Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan (CCAA) in October 2004 with encouragement by a number of international artists and curators. Through the center, Omarzad has been actively working with young artists in an effort to foster their sense of independence and individuality. Art education is therefore a pressing goal for CCAA. Through local and international activities such as workshops, seminars, and exhibitions CCAA aims to renew artistic processes and atmosphere for artists who continue to be offered antiquated teaching methods by the few prevalent institutions in Afghanistan.

Images of Videos / Woman Painter Workshop